Our Employee Clients

For executives and individuals, the employment lawyers at Young & Ma LLP can help with claims of workplace discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and wrongful termination; as well as severance negotiation, advice and counseling, and restrictive covenant litigation; and more.  See below for some examples of how we can help.

Representative Results for Employees

Indian-American employed at a New York City-based theatre nonprofitObtain six-figure settlement on the basis of race, national origin, and age discrimination, after employer violated normal termination procedure
Office manager employed at a national primary care practiceObtain settlement - within three months of hire - on the basis of disability discrimination
Two C-level executive assistants employed at a New York marketing communications companyObtain settlement - within three months of hire - on the basis of sexual harassment; hostile work environment; retaliation; and age, disability, FMLA leave, and associational discrimination, after retaliatory termination allegedly for cause
Two pregnant employees of a multi-borough New York home infusion serviceObtain six figure settlement on the basis of pregnancy, religion, age, disability, and gender discrimination, surpassing restructuring/mass layoff defense
Female Chinese-American director employed at one of the Big Three credit rating agenciesObtain settlement - within two months of hire - post-retaliatory performance improvement plan (PIP) on the basis of gender, race, and age stereotype discrimination
Female C-level executive assistant employed at the New York office of a global alternative investment firmObtain six-figure settlement - within one month of hire - on the basis of quid pro quo and hostile work environment sexual harassment; gender and marital status discrimination; retaliation; and gender and marital status stereotype
Female executive director employed at a New York-based research instituteObtain six-figure settlement, after defeating gender retaliation election of remedies defense and contract statute of limitations defense
Female house manager employed by a wealthy New York familyObtain six-figure settlement - within two months of hire - on the basis of race, national origin, and gender discrimination; quid pro quo and hostile work environment sexual harassment; and violation of the Fair Labors Standards Act and New York Labor Law
Female operations supervisor employed at a conglomerate headquartered in New York CityObtain six-figure settlement - within four months of hire - on the basis of gender and race discrimination, gender and race stereotyping, sexual harassment, retaliation, and retaliation to associated employees
Female assistant director of risk management employed at a large New York hospital health networkMore than double severance offer - within three months of hire - on the basis of religion and FMLA leave discrimination, religion and gender stereotyping, and associational and direct retaliation
Female investor relations analyst employed at a New York hedge fund sponsor, allegedly part of a mass layoffMore than double severance - within three months of hire - on the basis of gender, pregnancy, primary caregiver status, parental status, and FMLA discrimination; and gender and race stereotype
French and Muslim female reservations manager employed at the midtown Manhattan location of an upscale hotel chainObtain severance on the basis of national origin, race, and religion discrimination and retaliation
Female support staff who became pregnant shortly after starting her employment with a New York surgery practiceObtain severance - within four months of hire - on the basis of pregnancy, disability, and race discrimination
Experienced female dental hygienist employed at a New York dental practice while getting in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatmentsObtain severance - within four months of hire - on the basis of gender discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, gender/pregnancy stereotyping, failure to provide reasonable accommodation, retaliation, and New York Labor Law violations
Facilities supervisor employed at the New York office of a Texas real estate development and management companyObtain settlement - within three months of hire - on the basis of disability/perceived disability discrimination
Chinese-American senior systems administrator (IT) who suffered race-based violence from colleagues while employed at the New York-based investment banking subsidiary of a foreign financial conglomerateIncreased severance - within four months of hire - on the basis of race/national origin discrimination and retaliation
Chinese-American investment researcher employed at a global institutional investment management firm headquartered in New York CityMore than double severance - within three months of hire - on the basis of race discrimination and race stereotyping
Highly functional architect, employed at a high-end New York residential architectural firm, forced to work with coworkers who misunderstand his personality disorderAlmost quadruple severance - within three months of hire - on the basis of disability discrimination
Jewish DevOps directer employed at a New York cloud-based enterprise technology companyIncrease severance by almost 800% on the basis of race/national origin and religion discrimination, and retaliation for asking for accommodations due to workplace-induced disabilities
Delivery architect, suffering from dyslexia and anxiety, employed at a multinational technology companyObtain severance on the basis of disability discrimination
Highly-educated and highly-experienced Dominican pathology lab supervisor employed at a large New York hospitalObtain severance on the basis of disability and race discrimination
Female security officer employed at a large New York art museumObtain severance on the basis of disability and gender discrimination
Ivy League educated homosexual African-American male account executive employed at a New York telecommunications technology firmIncrease severance by 800% - within three months of hire - on the basis of race, sexual orientation, and disability discrimination; retaliation; and other violations of federal, state, and city employment laws
Female engineer employed at a traffic engineering and transportation planning firmObtain high six-figure settlement - within three months of hire - on the basis of gender, race, and religious discrimination and sexual harassment and hostile work environment
Executive employed at a real estate investment fundMore than double severance shortly before expiration of statute of limitations on claims
Senior project manager employed at a software development companyTriple severance - within two months of hire - on the basis of age, disability, and national origin discrimination
Jewish sales professional employed at a cloud-based professional employer organizationAfter resignation, obtain personal apology, from general counsel and Senior Vice President of the Sales Team, and settlement with one year of salary - within four months of hire and without filings - for less than two years of employment, on the basis of sexually charged comments and religious discrimination and disability harassment
Head of Credit and Rates entering into investment bank subsidiary of one of the world's largest banksNegotiate favorable terms, including obtaining significant Good Reason resignation language and other beneficial terms, for executive's entry
Jewish assistant general counsel employed at a privately owned hedge fund sponsorMore than triple severance - within two months of hire - on the basis of gender stereotyping, sex role stereotyping, and reverse age discrimination (i.e. being too young and beautiful)
Asian-American senior jeweler, employed at a New York jewelry manufacturer, with significant pay reduction during maternity leaveObtain settlement - within four months of hire - on the basis of pregnancy, gender, maternity leave, pay and terms equality, parental status, caregiver status, and race and age discrimination
Chief compliance officer, a foreign national, employed at an online money transfer and e-commerce payment services companyWithin three months of hire, increase severance and health insurance continuation, extend time to exercise stock options, and obtain agreement by company that an offer made to a majority of employee option holders to purchase any shares of stock would include client at the same price and terms as those employee option holders, on the basis of religious and national origin discrimination
African-American director of collections employed at a merchant cash advance companyObtain settlement - within three months of hire - on the basis of race discrimination
Asian food service director with a non-documented disability employed at a nursing home centerObtain severance on the basis of age, disability, national origin, and race discrimination
Cook, employed at a Queens restaurant, who had had her case dismissed with prejudice for failure to prosecute pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 41After replacing prior counsel, successfully move the court to vacate the dismissal pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 60(b)(6)
Asian-American female manager of merchandise planning employed at an international fashion retailerDouble severance - less than two months after hire - on the basis of race, gender, and pregnancy discrimination
Taiwanese-American female artist, over age 50 and with visible disability, employed for over 20 years at a luxury carpet brandDiscover coverage under two (2) ERISA employee plans on top of a triple increase of severance - within three months of hire - on the basis of race, national origin, age, and disability discrimination and alleged assault at the workplace
African-American female senior program director, over age 40, employed at a New York non-profit social support service agencyMore than quintuple severance offer on the basis of race, national origin, and age discrimination and retaliation
Japanese-American business development manager employed at a large New York hospitalObtain substantially increased severance, continuation of health insurance, and mutual non-disparagement - within two months of hire - on the basis of age, national origin, and disability discrimination; one of two alleged perpetrators was subsequently terminated
Female salesperson employed at a furniture dealershipSubsequent to demands for proper commission by a young female salesperson, prior employer responded by conjuring up non-existent restrictive covenants and tortious interference with client's new employment to which we responded with strong letters outlining the basis for payment of owed commissions subsequent to separation of employment, retaliation, and gender discrimination; obtain full payment as client previously demanded without signing any general release or filings
Senior director employed at a broadcast television networkMore than double original severance offer - within two months of hire - on the basis of age, disability, and family leave discrimination
East Indian female vice president of operations employed at a New York home care services agencyObtain settlement - within two months of hire - on the basis of gender, religious, and national origin discrimination
Photo specialist employed at a national drug retailing chainObtain settlement - within three months of hire - via EEOC mediation on the basis of national origin and race discrimination
Jewish female in-house counsel employed at a prominent legal staffing agencyObtain settlement - within one month of a demand letter - on the basis of inequality, failure to promote and gender discrimination
Compliance officer employed at a global asset management firm terminated on the basis of performanceClose to double original severance offer after a single demand letter, plus obtain neutral U5 language, continuation of health insurance, mutual non-disparagement, and non-contest of unemployment insurance, on the basis of gender discrimination after a supervisor discovered an intraoffice romance
Derivatives equity traderIncrease severance and obtain quarter million deferred compensation after a single demand letter; issue resolved within 30 days
Female operations associate employed eighteen years at a New York broker-dealerClose to double original severance offer - within two months of hire - on the basis of age and gender discrimination
Female global marketing director employed at a large Boston-based company on the verge of mergerObtain significantly increased severance (more than double) and positive letters of reference
Business analyst in a financial services institution department with many foreign national employeesDouble severance on the basis of national origin discrimination when the perpetrator and preferred employees were of a different ethnic and cultural background
Russian foreign national, employed 10 years at a health facility, managed out after developing Parkinson's diseaseRevoke Separation Agreement and General Release signed without advice of counsel; increase severance/settlement offer by 600%
European Muslim MBA, over age 40, employed at an American multinational bankObtain increased severance on the basis of age, national origin, religious, and disability discrimination
Senior female executive assistant employed at a broadcast television networkClose to double original severance offer - within three weeks of hire - on the basis of victim of domestic violence and disability discrimination
African-American health and safety manager with 30 years of construction experience employed at a small construction companyObtain settlement on the basis of race discrimination, misclassification of his status of employment, and whistleblower protection
Chinese foreign national employed as an associate at a French financial services institutionObtain settlement subsequent to the filing of an EEOC Charge for national origin discrimination, errors in his immigration application, and reporting relevant issues under FINRA and securities regulations
Young Chinese male foreign exchange products control manager employed at a multinational financial services institutionObtain settlement - within three month of hire - on the basis of disability and protected outside activities discrimination
African-American male contracts administrator & analyst employed at a Connecticut-based recovery audit firmObtain settlement on the basis of race and gender discrimination, where client is a highly educated professional with a JD and MBA, and was disrespected by older Caucasian female supervisor
Quantitative analyst on H-1B visa statusInclusion in major industry conference after a complaint for national origin discrimination; subsequent amicable separation with continued salary, sponsorship, health insurance, bonus, attorney's fees and detailed letters of recommendation
Chinese-American single mother employed at a financial institutionMore than double her original severance offer after a single demand letter
Senior saleswoman of marketing companySeverance and settlement on the basis of potential commissions for gender discrimination and sexual harassment claims
Chinese engineer who signed an immigration payback agreement at a global automotive parts and technology company and sought successor employment due to anticipated sale of business unitNon-enforcement of immigration payback agreement, resulting in client not having to pay a five-figure bill from the company's immigration law firm
Adult education teacher employed less than one year at a New York nonprofitObtain severance and non-contest of unemployment insurance - within two months of hire - on the basis of disability discrimination and failure to engage in an interactive process and to consider reasonable accommodation in evaluating performance
30 year member of an elite Manhattan religious institution denied employment in a senior finance positionObtain settlement on the basis of age discrimination
Chinese-American administrator with substantial prior leadership experience employed at a major New York hospitalObtain settlement - within two months of hire - on the basis of intra-Asian race and color discrimination
Senior operations coordinator employed at an international marketing agencyObtain significantly increased severance (more than six times the original offer) - within two months of hire - on the basis of disability and race discrimination, as his termination occurred shortly after he announced imminent surgery but before the surgery occurred
Taiwanese husband and wife, employed at an aftermarket car parts company, that resigned to work for a competitor due to significant decrease in compensation and poor treatmentSubsequent to a cease and desist letter sent to client's current employer, demand letter was sent to prior employer alleging race and national origin discrimination and application of a non-compete clause that was invalid as it was not the most recent version of the restrictive covenant agreement signed and when viewed against discrimination and substantial decrease in compensation; obtain monetary settlement for both husband and wife and mutual releases such that non-compete provisions could not be enforced by the prior employer
Small New York law firm's first African-American senior attorney to generate significant business and demonstrate advanced trial capabilities, yet denied opportunities for partnershipObtain significant severance, despite resignation, on the basis of race and age discrimination
Store manager of national drug retailing chainObtain severance and non-contest of unemployment insurance for amicable separation after internal complaint of national origin discrimination subsequent to negative reviews
Chinese female product manager employed at a financial institution terminated for causeSeverance, vacation pay, neutral letter of reference, non-contest of unemployment insurance, and mutual non-disparagement
Advertising manager employed at a manufacturing companyTurn mutual resignation over disagreement as to reasonable accommodation into an offer for continued payroll and health insurance for a quarter, additional severance for emotional distress damages, attorney's fees, positive reference, and non-contest of unemployment insurance
Secretary at a large law firmSeverance on the basis of potential overtime violation and gender discrimination
Asian female production coordinator employed at an apparel manufacturer who was terminated directly after delivery of a third childSettlement payment, attorney's fees, and reinstatement - one year after termination
Asian-American male IT professional employed less than a year at a financial services institutionSeverance
Asian female in human resources employed at a sports and fitness chainSeverance on the basis of unfair transfers and unfair compensation
Pregnant Asian female employed less than a year at a small hedge fundQuick exit with substantial severance
61 year old handyman employed for six years at an upscale residential condominiumSeverance for wrongful termination on the basis of age, national origin, and race discrimination
Two Hispanic retail salespeople (one employed for three years, and the other under three months)Severance on the basis of discrimination and overtime violations
One partner in a two partner owned yoga business that was less than a year oldMore than twice the client’s equity injection for voluntarily leaving the partnership, before the business was profitable
Young woman employed at a husband and wife owned marketing and communications companySubstantial severance on the basis of periodic sexual harassment from the male owner
Male senior salesperson with several internal harassment complaints against himSeverance (including severance for another employee - brought into the company by the senior salesperson - that was forced to resign)
Same-sex sexual harassment victim who had a finding of no probable cause with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity CommissionSeverance after the filing of litigation in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York
Female litigator employed at captive law firmObtain promotion (after waiting a year and a half) because of mention of new Achieve Pay Equity Act amending Section 194 of the New York Labor Law
Mortgage brokerSeverance and owed commissions after the filing of litigation in the Supreme Court of New York, Commercial Division
Orthodox Jewish female doctorObtain reasonable accommodation from a major hospital to avoid working during Sabbath
Interventional cardiologistAdvise client on employment agreement; subsequently assist client to relieve himself of a clawback/bonus repayment requirement; upon departure, obtain indemnification, mutual releases, and a letter of reference
Senior white male employee of hospitalAdvice and counseling on handling false accusations from junior female employees
Employees working for employer sponsors for visa/citizenshipAdvice and counseling on issues of national origin discrimination, resulting in favorable outcomes


“I will be forever grateful for Tiffany Ma and her legal services. Thanks to Tiffany, I was able to successfully resolve and move forward from a traumatic and hellish employment case. Tiffany was right by my side every step of the way, providing me constant support via phone, text and email around the clock. Her guidance and expertise gave me confidence in pursuing my case and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. I highly recommend Tiffany Ma and cannot speak highly enough on my experience in working with her. Thank you for helping me find justice and peace of mind!”

December 2, 2017

Please let me start off by personally recommending Tiffany Ma.  She’s well-known in the industry and puts herself out there because she genuinely loves the game and cares for her clients. I’ve been where you are months ago and I know that feeling of raising hope and preparing for uncertainty. Tiffany got me very favorable results thru some very challenging times. I’m glad I wasn’t alone. Good luck.”

October 17, 2017

“You are amazing!!! There is a reason why you come highly recommended, thank you :)”

September 15, 2017

“Tiffany Ma of Young and Ma comes highly recommended for a host of Factors and she is my ‘go to’ referral lawyer in the areas of employment law and employment discrimination. Coming from diverse legal background that has run the gamut from White Shoe law firms to Boutique client centered practices she brings a large firm mentality, polish and sense of professionalism to the cases for which her firm is retained and at the same time provides the personalized attention that a boutique practice offers. Her knowledge of the law in her area of practice is exceptional as is her devotion to preparation, legal research and presentation. In short, upon hiring Ms. Ma’s firm you are placing yourself in highly capable and experienced hands!”

August 28, 2017

“This was my first time going to Tiffany and I surely would go to her if ever another issue came up.  She is extremely knowledgeable and very professional.  I never had to wait for a response; she always kept me in the loop and always made herself available.”

August 10, 2017

“You are an incredible lawyer. I am very lucky to be your colleague and friend. This is an outstanding result.”

November 23, 2016

“I wanted to express my gratitude for guiding me through a process that was highly stressful, emotionally and mentally challenging, especially trying as a new mom. The ordeal was beyond anything I thought I would have to go through. You were not only there to advocate for me legally, but any settlement from them is a moral vindication too. This may sound rhetorical, but when do you sleep?! You are always there, quick to respond; answering my questions, addressing concerns promptly at all hours. Even though we’ve never met, after 3 months of correspondence, I feel like I know you, at least confident in your professionalism! Thank you again!”

October 7, 2016

“The most caring and professional lawyer out there! Best experience, best lawyer. She is extremely knowledgeable and very professional. I never had to wait more than 24 hours to get her response. She always made herself available, always responding to me via email or telephone and walked me through the process of what to expect. I trusted her 100% on my case and she actually won the motion. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. Thank you, Tiffany!”

August 24, 2016

“Tiffany is very smart, knows labor law very well and is battled tested. She is ball of energy and a force to be reckoned with. She learned a lot of her skills working for large corporations and is now protecting the little guy. Guided me through some difficult times and helped me successfully resolve the issues.”

May 18, 2016

“Tiffany is an excellent attorney. She is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of labor and employment law and is extremely thorough, but clear, when explaining complex issues to clients. We have worked together on several matters and I receive nothing but compliments about her work. She is an asset to our firm.”

May 13, 2016

“I have talked to several lawyers so far, and you have been by far the most helpful. Your attention to detail and the amount of care you put into your work is really outstanding.”

-Potential client
May 1, 2015

“I had the opportunity to work with Tiffany on a tough case. Tiffany is very competent and experienced in her area of practice. She showed lots of empathy in my situation and gave me lots of great advices and insights. Her service fee is also very reasonable given her level. Tiffany truly has genuine interests in her clients, I would strongly recommend her to my friends for employment related cases.”

April 15, 2015

“Thank you very much for your effort. Both my wife and I were deeply impressed by your expertise and efficiency. We are grateful that [attorney] referred you to us and you represented my case.”

-Foreign national client
April 3, 2015

“Tiffany is my go to lawyer for employment related matters. I’ve referred friends to her, and she’s taken the time to discuss their cases with them prior to being retained. She was recently retained by a friend of mine and handled her case phenomenally and secured a generous severance package for her. Her knowledge of employment litigation is unmatched by anyone I know.”

-Referral source
February 6, 2015

“Thanks for the relentless efforts over weekends and working around the clock.”

December 24, 2014

“Thanks, Tiffany, for your courtesy and professionalism throughout this process. I’m glad we were able to help the parties come to a mutually acceptable resolution. It was a pleasure working with you as well.”

-Opposing counsel, international law firm
December 22, 2014

“This Thanksgiving I am thankful for you.  :)”

November 25, 2014

“I told this client before you do anything, call Tiffany. If you have a case, she will tell you. If you don’t have a case, she’ll tell you. If you have something in between, she’ll tell you.”

November 12, 2014

“Thank you, amazingly helpful advice as always. Will keep you posted on the response from [company] on the redline and will be in touch soon.”

August 14, 2014

“Thank you. I do appreciate everything you have done & are doing. I am extremely confident in your work. You saw the bigger things where I was focusing on the little things. It’s just very clear they don’t want me there. Before you, I would cry, get sick to my stomach, be scared to look at my emails, hyperventilate when my supervisor is telling me I am wrong entering in my time. Since you, I am more confident that it’s not me, it’s them. I always worked my ass off for that company. It is degrading the things I have to do meanwhile everyone else on the project don’t have to do what they are making me do. And to boot I am doing more work then a paralegal in any staff counsel office and I am at the same grade as a brand new paralegal. And everyone else on the project got to keep their grade. I am still nervous going to work but since I have you as my attorney I am not getting sick anymore and smile more. So I think everything is going to work out really great. I am confident in your work. So thank you.”

June 13, 2014

“Tiffany is an exceptional attorney who is extremely professional and has an eye for details. I retained her recently in a matter involving severance and was very pleased with the outcome. To put it simply, anyone in need of legal assistance involving employment law could not be in better hands.”

April 28, 2014

“Tiffany Ma is an excellent attorney, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking out legal representation for a labor or employment issue. Not only is Tiffany sharp, extremely knowledgeable and compassionate, she is also deeply committed to resolving her clients’ cases in the most just and honorable way possible. She passionately and assertively stands up for the rights of her clients—and I felt incredibly secure knowing that I was in her competent hands. Tiffany took my case very seriously and did her best to expedite the resolution, with the best possible outcome. She also provided updates on a regular basis so that I was up to speed on all facets of the case. Overall, she was a pleasure to work with and I am still thankful for the expert help that she provided in my time of need.”

April 5, 2012

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