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For small businesses, employers, and their owners, the employment lawyers at Young & Ma LLP can provide advice and counseling concerning all aspects of company administration, human resources, and prevention and/or investigation of employee complaints and wage and hour matters; drafting and revising employment applications, offer letters, employment agreements, employee handbooks, severance agreements, separation agreements and general releases, confidentiality agreements, and other employment-related documents; and providing a cost-effective plan to manage partners and employees.  See below for some examples of how we can help.

Representative Results for Businesses and Nonprofits

New York City families -- spanning across Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Midtown, and Brooklyn -- that employed nanniesWithin months of hire, settle allegations of violations of federal and state wage and hour and related labor laws
Two employees of a New York specialty pharmacy terminated by current employer after lawsuit by prior employer alleging breach of restrictive covenants (non-competition, non-solicitation, non-disclosure)Successful settlement (with no pay by client) - pre-discovery - including rehire by current employer
Boutique Jewish preschool in New YorkNo probable cause finding achieved in New York State Division of Human Rights complaint that alleged a student was not allowed to attend due to race
Defense/employer side key witness manager, employed by company that was being sued for violating restrictive covenantsSuccessfully prepare client for second deposition, so client went from being threatened about termination to helping company employer settle issue very favorably by her improved strong testimony at second deposition
Ophthalmologist practiceObtain $0 payout and voluntary resignation of new mother who previously made pregnancy discrimination claims
Large sports barSettle discrimination case - within three months of hire
Chinese delivery restaurant with limited recordkeepingDefend overtime, minimum wage, wage notice, and spread of hours collective action under the Fair Labor Standards Act and New York Labor Law and obtain favorable settlement 8 months after retention, pre-depositions, with creative use of potential third party testimony to support hours worked and wages paid
Multi-room performance and music venueDefend and obtain a no probable cause finding and dismissal of a Verified Complaint filed with the New York State Division of Human Rights concerning sexual harassment and race discrimination; simultaneously defend and resolve a New York City Civil Court action concerning commissions and Wage Theft Prevention Act claims and a United States District Court, Southern District of New York action concerning Title VII and retaliation, both filed by the same short term employee (who was a friend of the owner); total settlement for all three actions in low five figures
Individual defendant, a broker for and resident of four Midtown West luxury residential propertiesResolve a litigation in New York State Supreme Court, New York County - within four months of hire - for sexual harassment and retaliation claims: settlement which not only resolves the matter but continues the positive business relationship between co-defendants where interests were originally not aligned; file a strong motion to dismiss limiting plaintiff’s claims
Soft home products design, sourcing, and distribution companyDraft offer letter, separation agreement and general release, employee handbook, and advice and counseling
Apparel importer and wholesalerGeneral counsel on employment matters concerning hiring, termination, performance evaluation, and other business arrangements with employees and independent contractors
Wholesale produce companyDraft employee and independent contractor agreements, as well as establish workplace policies, to ensure compliance with New York employment law
Institutional research startup whose client received a cease-and-desist letter over a founder's post-employment non-solicitation and non-competition obligationsAdvice and counseling and correspondence sent to prior employer and client explaining that restrictive covenants were not applicable to the start up - resulting in no further legal action against the startup and continued positive business relations with its client
Taiwanese apparel manufacturer Recovery of 77% of invoice amount owed by an American clothing distributor after commencement of litigation where potential defenses included the quality of goods and employment practices in factories
National merchant services providerAdvice and counseling concerning enforcement of post-employment obligations and minimizing risk of loss of confidential business information and preventing of disparagement
Video and music production companyManage the breakdown of two partner relationships: successfully avoided litigation with client's brother (partner 1) and an individual with questionable business ethics (partner 2)
Korean restaurantSuccessor counsel to defend wage and hour action, resulting in settlement within one month of hire and pre-filing of an Answer to federal lawsuit
Nonprofit with over 170 employeesUpdate personnel policy to comply with New York Paid Sick Leave and improve upon policies concerning working hours, vacation and personal leave, holidays, FMLA, grievance, harassment and discrimination, reasonable accommodation, and termination; defend against a complaint of discrimination before the New York City Division of Human Rights
Historic house/museumAdvice and counseling concerning terminations and general employment policies
Food innovation companyDraft employment agreements and policies to expand the company; advice and counseling to CEO and Founder concerning non-competition with a separate entity for which he is doing contractor work
Building and hotel concierge services companyWithin six weeks of retention, successfully settle an action before the National Labor Relations Board a month before trial, obtaining a waiver of reinstatement, limited confidentiality, prevention of physical notice postings, full waiver and release of all employment-related claims, and establishing important positions on behalf of the company regarding jurisdiction and denial of liability
Asian family medical officeDefend an action before the New York City Division of Human Rights including the challenge to agency jurisdiction
Various small businessesAdvice and counseling concerning partnership disputes, commissions payment issues, non-competition, non-solicitation, confidential information, and other employee management matters including discipline and termination


Young & Ma were amazing in their attention to us. They have done excellent work for a number of different issues our company faced. For other issues, they gave us excellent referrals. Tiffany and Richard have the highest standards of integrity and will fight on your behalf for the best result possible. 5/5, I recommend and will continue to work with them.

March 25, 2019

“Tiffany helped me get my non profit up and running. She did a tremendous amount of research proactively and was always ready and eager to help in any way that I needed. Her hard work and prompt correspondence with me became something that I could always count on. Working with her was such a great experience and I would hire her again in a second.”

August 3, 2011

“Tiffany was an invaluable resource to help me navigate through my business legal issues. She quickly pointed me to the right path and courses of action, and I recommend anyone to go to her for legal counsel services.”

August 3, 2011

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