Senior Saleswoman of Marketing Company Gets Severance

We represented an employee (“Client”) against a Boston-based marketing company (“Company”).  Client was a single mother and senior saleswoman with over 15 years of industry experience and a history of generating seven figures in sales.

Client was heavily pursued by the CEO to join Company.  Shortly after hire, Client started experiencing gender discrimination and sexual harassment by the CEO.  Other than telling him to stop, Client did not otherwise report the incidences.  However, others had reported the CEO’s inappropriate conduct in an attempt to ostracize Client, and Client was subjected to an invasive sexual harassment investigation by Company’s outside counsel.

One week after retention, we submitted on behalf of Client a Charge of Discrimination to the EEOC and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.  Three months after retention, Client received severance, stock options, and mutual non-disparagement. Company also agreed to not contest Client’s claims for unemployment insurance benefits.

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