Indian Quantitative Analyst on H-1B Visa Status Doubles Severance Package

We represented an employee (“Client”) against a New York financial services company (“Company”).  Client was an Indian quantitative analyst on H-1B visa status, and we advised him as he made an internal human resources complaint for national origin discrimination.

Subsequent to that complaint, Client requested to be included in a major industry conference he was traditionally excluded from at Company.  We helped him draft and structure correspondence and conversations, forcing Company to authorize his attendance at the conference.

Then several more retaliatory comments and actions were taken by Company, and Client ended up being abruptly terminated.

We became more involved, and we achieved for Client an amicable separation, including sponsorship and detailed letters of recommendation, as well as more than doubling the monetary value of his severance package (a lump sum payment and increased continued salary and  health insurance).

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