Female Compliance Officer Terminated on the Basis of Performance Doubles Severance

We represented an employee (“Client”) against a global asset management firm (“Company”).

Client, a compliance officer at Company for six years, received positive performance reviews for the first three years of employment.  Then, under the advice and direction of a superior, Client revealed to her male boss that she had had an intraoffice romance with a colleague in a different department.

Subsequent to that revelation, her evaluations became neutral and then turned to negative.  As the work environment became more hostile and as her boss continued to bully and ostracize her, Client approached Company’s general counsel for advice.  Despite the implications of gender discrimination, no proper investigation was performed, and things continued to deteriorate for Client.

Client was eventually terminated on the basis of performance.  Less than two months after retention, and after a single demand letter to Company, we obtained for Client nearly double her original severance offer, plus neutral U5 language, continuation of health insurance, mutual non-disparagement, and non-contest of unemployment insurance.

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