Business Analyst in Financial Services Institution Doubles Severance

We represented an employee (“Client”) against a financial information and analytics provider (“Company”) headquartered in New York City.

Client was a Chinese business analyst with a decade of experience in New York financial institutions and four years working at Company.  His department was predominantly Indian.

Client’s supervisor (“Boss”) and his preferred colleagues and subordinates frequently spoke in Hindi, ostracizing Client.  Although substantively praised by the few non-Indian employees in the department,  Client received from Boss unexplained mediocre reviews and was assigned inappropriate secretarial tasks.  As more non-Indians transferred out of the department or took medical leaves, the national origin discrimination suffered by Client worsened.

Client reported the intra-Asian racism and discrimination, but instead of an appropriate response, he experienced retaliation and was removed from important projects.  Shortly thereafter, Client was terminated.

Less than three months after retention, we obtained for Client over two times the original severance offer, plus mutual non-disparagement, and non-contest of unemployment insurance.

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